Why shop handmade product? Hand Made is Sustainable, Handmade is Unique, Handmade Supports local Artisans

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Our heads turn and smiles widen each time the sound of the order notification rings on our phones. It's a pure feeling of satisfaction and assurance that we are doing something good, something right. Surely a dose of confidence for every home-grown business owner, if we may say so. Handmade is a celebration of being able to bring a smile to the modern yet mindful consumers while still being rooted to our culture, traditions and impacting the lives of the local artisans. Buying handmade is a huge step towards a better world!

Power reasons you should shop handmade:

1. Handmade is sustainable:



When you buy handmade, you eliminate the fast fashion process of bulk buying/manufacturing, low wages and the pollution caused by the transportation of large quantities of raw materials and goods. Handmade products are produced locally by the artisans and there is very little waste produced. Ziddi is more than just creating fashion. It is our sincere urge to bring a change in the lives of the artisans who are dependent on a crafts for their living and also to our environment by making Ziddi a brand that is constantly contributing towards sustainability. Thus, creating a collective effort towards a better world.

2. Handmade is unique:

When you buy handmade, you become the sole owner of that product. Nobody in the whole world will have the exactly same item, and that’s pretty unique. At Ziddi, we proudly celebrate the use of worn off metal pieces and the meticulously woven imperfect weaves. We honour the irregularities of a handmade product as much as we acknowledge the laborious process of creating one.

3. Handmade supports local artisans/traders:

Buying handmade directly impacts the lives of the artisans and local traders/vendors. The designs that we create are more than just products to trade, they are a representation of the heart and soul an artisan puts in to create each and every piece.

4. Handmade is forever:


Handmade products are long lasting and follow the concept of less is more. Since buying handmade is a very conscious purchase, the maker understands the value of time and money spent in buying each piece and makes them to the highest quality. Paying less means getting less. Handcrafted products are built to last.

5. Handmade is thoughtful: 

Each piece has a story to share and is a creation of love and skill. Home-grown businesses are built with a lot of passion and hard work and thus, each piece carries the maker's thoughts and creativity from inception to the finishing of the product. Ziddi is born from an obstinacy to express the beauty of imperfection. Every piece is made from various upcycled materials from all over the tribal/gypsy universe.

6. Handmade is made by real people:

From the curation of raw materials to making the piece and finally sending them out to our customers, each process involves the heart and soul of all the people involved.



7. Handmade keeps craft skills alive:

Ziddi is ethical and empowering. Couple of hundred miles from the capital, on a patchy broken road, lies a quaint village in Rajasthan, where a community of Patwa artisans are slowly weaving magic with threads. Sadly, their traditional crafts is in a threat of disappearing completely with only a couple of families surviving in their profession. We work closely with these artisans in the village to relearn the style of weaves and maybe redevelop/revive a new weave of the new age

8. Handmade gives you a unique identity:

Buying handmade celebrates the very essence of the shopper and the creator. It's about valuing and empowering our culture, people, the time and effort that goes into making each piece, the artisans' skills, and the technical ingenuity of the maker and the magic of an individual’s imagination.

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