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The Indian summer isn’t a season or a couple months of unbearable heat, it is memories served in glasses of nimbu pani and playing hide n seek around the house in afternoons. It is ghost stories told in hushed tones as cousins got together for summer vacation and homes filled of happy noises and the fridge door being opened for a waft of cool air in the face every now and then!

Rushed footsteps to the porch to the bells of kulfiwala and hankering naani for change, sipping on bunta for and holding on to that chuski till the last drop are memories that bring an instant respite from life and summer if we may say! The sight of a Chuski cart with bright coloured syrups and cool crushed ice being topped with eye popping flavours still brings a dose of pure dopamine from childhood days.

Adding our imagination to this cacophony of nostalgic moments from our childhood, ShopZiddi has brought to you a collection of juicy accessories, CHUSKI. Bright colours in threads woven into playful parandis and hearty earrings reminds one of the flavours of chuskis and golas.


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